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# 28 Pondering the Gorn
04-16-2009, 04:14 PM
Ironically The Gorn played little use against the Dominion or Borg..

They were simply shielded by even the Vast and Beautiful Romulan Fleet..
a Few Federation and Klingon ships were involved..

But all agreed until the Federation insulted Martoks toast and refused the Klingon right to finish Cardassia for helping the Dominion..That The Dominion was a common foe worth the honour of fighting..

All knew Picard was a fair arbitrator.. but he choose the easy way out to heal the stress of war

Federation a good concept on paper.. but so many diverse peoples hard to manage..
Wasteful rich people.. in need of a good pirate raid.. I say..
The Gorn will of course offer Letters of MArk that would conflict with the Teachings of Kahless...or Surak
Logic dictates restraint while Kahless teaches of picking your enemies wisely..
Lord Shinzon with his "borrowed" Picard Genes..
never lost a battle according to his official Bio..
But nothing was said of his strategic groupings..
or Sela's use of her Fathers power as a general.

To throw other fathers sons or daughters beneath the gears of the advancing enemy like disposable caltraps..

Now the Federation "peace" ships ignore the Danger that is Breen or Orion their own peril
For we will not help them again if they won't stay the hard course of action that may be required.
The Borg will do as the Borg want and I will wait ready and willings for them I hold a special place of vengenance..
My system will not be annexed for resources by a greed filled few... or starved while Romulus grows fat..
So if we would be doomed to a footnote in history it will be with a blaze of glory..