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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
None taken. This is a discussion board and this is a discussion. For the record I've been in this game way before it went free to play. If you were in the game back then you would know that what I'm proposing here is almost identical to what the game was before the free to play dumbing down of the game into the current arcade shooter it is today.

You misunderstand me. The effect that the power levels have on the current boff abilities is important but not decisive. For example in my odyssey I can run the ship at a constant 25 AUX (up to 40'ish with skill bonuses/gear) and receive an almost full shield heal with science team 2 or 3. More importantly, since the effect is so strong and the timers so short that one can cycle them, I can simply perma-spam the shield heal just to keep my shields topped out.

...which if you have not realized by now is one of the things you face in PVP: people running one-key macros that do all the heal abilities and buffs and what not...and they just keep mashing that key the entire fight.

By reducing boff ability potency and shifting it to the power settings will return player skill to the game not macro-spamming. Also it changes the nature of combat from being a perma-spam of powerful instant heals to a 'regenerative' healing system...

why do you think science's 'transfer shield strength' is not used as a primary heal? Its useless in combat since it takes too long to recover the shield and prevent your hull from being thumped. Science team may heal less overall shield amount but it brings up a huge chunk of the shield to be a buffer..and usually lasts long enough for the sci team to be usable again.

Unfortunately the game engine does not allow it but I agree.

You are forgoting shield resistance buffs science team is a good shield healer and anti sci debuffer but it does not gives you shield resistance, however TSS gives you a hig shield heal over time + shield damage resistance and works really nice with TT plus maybe if you engi RSF + having auxiliary and emmiters maxed will help and after use it rising shield power is recomended and we come again to power management .  1340395851