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Originally Posted by darramouss1 View Post
You're logically right in saying that a phaser should jump from the top strip to the bottom when needed.

Logically that would lead to the argument that turrets have points mounted all over the ship to cover all directions. That's the bit I don't like. Forward mounted weapons should have no rear mounted points and vise versa. Keep forward mounted weapons forward facing and rear mounted weapons rear facing.
That's the issue others are pointing out, the weapons firing through the hull are an immersion killer.

Starfleet ships are built in a way that makes it very difficult for a 360 degree turreted weapon to cover all angles without having its field of fire restricted, or at least from the perspective of the hardpoints Cryptic chose for them.

Ideally turrets should only fire from the dorsal saucer or the ventral engineering hull sections (those are the places you can mount a 360 degree weapon) but Cryptic instead positioned the cannons (on cruiser type ships) on the secondary hull which makes it look like the guns are firing out the deflector dish which looks odd.

There is also an issue with some ships like the Odyssey where there is no saucer cannon mount - turret fire tends to hit the nacelles when broadsiding.

The solution to this issue is simply to use the kind of hardpointing that goes with Escort or BoP type ships which have very good turret arcs plus excellent hardpoint distinction between DHCs/DBBs, DCs and cannons. The light cannon firing from the 'chin turret' position looks very good and the multiple barrels make it look epic.

Starfleet cruisers have detailed phaser arcs (probably the devs at the time decided most cruisers will have BAs and torps only) but right now only have generic hardpoints for cannons and turrets, hence the problem.

If you ever ran a Galaxy class cannon/turret build, you'll see the issues quite clearly - cannons fire from either the bridge or the navigational deflector which isn't correct... I'd much prefer a turret layout like JJVerse Kelvin as earlier stated.
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