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I apologize for forgetting the name of the mission but it is an interior mission dealing with questioning Mirror Universe personnel captured by the Tholians. A somewhat confusing mission indeed.

All three officers questioned in regards to the cloaking device all gave correct information. I don't know if this was intentional to throw players off a bit but there you have it. Two were pretty straightforward but the one that responded that a cloaking device "renders the starship intangible" kind of threw me for a minute only because the word 'intangible' isn't mentioned in the little briefing that comes up after scanning the cloaking device, which states that "the Cloaking Device renders a starship invisible to the electromagnetic spectrum and most sensors" which of course means that the starship is intangible.

Blah, blah, blah. Sorry, the point is when asked about it, when you select the response given in the little briefing, the officer responds with, "Not bad, Admiral. I'm glad the Tholians didn't see through my deceptions as quickly as you did" which is not a deception at all, and I feel a little dumb bringing it up at all, but there you go, all three give true statements. Okay, moving on?

Whether the statements are true or false, several of the officers respond with the "I'm glad the Tholians didn't see through my deception" line, which is or can be confusing to players.

And finally, many of the rescued redshirts (from the mission Rescuing Redshirts) respond to the player with both the Fed and Klingon replies.

I?m done being nitpicky. Thank you for listening.

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