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07-09-2012, 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
The "100% chance" is a blatant lie! How dare the tooltip mislead you in such an evil, evil manner! The correct chance has been 20% to beam in two. After reviewing the power itself, I'm going to be reducing that slightly as it is currently a flat-out 100% improvement over a blue version doff, which violates the approximate curve we're aiming for on these Active Roster powers.

After updated, Purple Security Doffs will have a 20% chance of summoning in ONE additional Rank 3 security team member and only a 10% chance of summoning TWO.

The OP has 3 Security Doffs equipped, this is why multiple tooltips are showing and is not something that is likely to change as each individual doff is applying its bonus separately. In other words, having three 20% chances is not the same as having one 60% chance. The tooltips are set up in this manner to illustrate this difference.

And one last note: Security Escorts beamed in by this Doff are currently not suitable for hazardous environments (such as Nukara) and will combust upon entry. The responsible duty officers are now receiving additional training regarding environmental precautions, and should be capable of avoiding this situation in the future.
For the record, Bort, I had the issue with security escorts bursting into flames.

But when I played on Tribble yesterday, they DIDN'T burst into flames.

The weirder thing was that my "Shard of Possibilities" doubles didn't burst into flames either and were not wearing EV suits. The tooltip says they come from other universes. I guess they must come from universes where Cardassians live in a very hot climate... or they have the Prophets protecting them.