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07-09-2012, 04:04 PM
1 & 3. While I would love to be able to do more assignments than the current 20 max, increasing it anymore will make it much easier for people to level up without having to do the missions (I have one fleet member who has managed to get to level 50 and has only done about a dozen missions) also it would take you a lot less time to get the different commendation tiers. same with the assignment chains, where is the fun if you can get them all done within a week, it sounds like you want to be spoon fed the doff missions without having tpo put any work in

4. again with the above point, if you could keep getting colonists then you'd be able to finish all the colonial assignment chains in no time, you should have to work for these, especially for the unique doffs, if you can't find the assignments may i suggest looking on the exchange, colonists sell quite cheap (usually around 19-25k each)

5&6. Having unlimited Bridge officer candidates would be a chore to search through and would no doubt create a lot more work for the servers if everyone had 100+ Boffs to choose from. Though i do agree with being able to move around in your inventory as it does get annoying, also fleet banks would be good to have maybe a small purchasable slot for Boffs only

7. I agree with adding Lobi to the list, but not borg salvage, or EDCs as these are physical items, who knows, maybe we will be able to use them with the starbases in the future.

I have to agree with the pets and fireworks idea, these are emotes more than items to play with.

16. Borg salvage and tech I think needs to be left alone, currently you can get them rolled need or greed as well as in your reward drop, for it to be rolled need or greed it would have to be in the optional loot which would reduce a lot of peoples chances of getting it. also if you were playing pug stf could you expect anyone to choose greed?? not everyone has the luxury of being able to play all the time in premade stf groups