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Originally Posted by kattarn View Post
You are forgoting shield resistance buffs science team is a good shield healer and anti sci debuffer but it does not gives you shield resistance, however TSS gives you a hig shield heal over time + shield damage resistance and works really nice with TT plus maybe if you engi RSF + having auxiliary and emmiters maxed will help and after use it rising shield power is recomended and we come again to power management .
Again, the point is the instant heal > higher heal amount over time+resists and whatever combo you can think of to use with it.

The fact that in an elite stf or in pvp your shields can go from nearly full to completely gone in one hit. When that happens (which is too common) the only thing that will save your bacon is having hitpoints IN the shield to buffer the next hit. Shield regen does not provide that.. your ship will explode before the shield regen (even with max shield power setting + TSS3) does anything.

The weapons in the game and the boff abilities do too much damage and heal too much with the instant abilities...making the 'regen' type heals irrelevant. And we come back to the arcade-type combat that is present now vs the tactical combat that existed pre-f2p.