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07-09-2012, 08:30 PM
Originally Posted by tangolight View Post
Yes, judging by how the purple doffs work with Support Drones, Phaser Turrets, and Quantum Mortars, I think the 20% chance for two security officers was intentional on Heretic's part, to represent a clear step up from the blue versions, and he allowed slotting multiple Security doffs because unlike the Engineer turrets and drones, they last for a lot less time, and die much easier.


Not to mention that for ground active duty for a Tac captain there is very little of use to slot for something like STFs.

A "chance" to reduce Grenade cooldowns by a few seconds is basically pointless.

Then there are the melee DOFFs...yeah.

And finally Rally cry, which is OK I suppose but talk about super conditional powers.

For the more powerful part of this ability your friends have to first be dead, and then it's only a chance to rez them.

Borticus, please rethink nerfing the Security DOFFs, or please add some more DOFFs for tacs to use on the ground that are actually useful on STFs.