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Originally Posted by bladeofkahless View Post
For ground combat, they are set to follow you by default.
If they don't, it's possible that they are stuck, dead or you told them to stay put (one of the commands you can give them. Great for setting up formations for ambushes).
Perhaps you meant, having them beam down with you?
For that, press "U", then click on the Stations tab.
There, you can select 4 officers to be your default away team. If you have 4.
(they're set to "Security" as default, which will beam down 4 random security NPC's instead).

Hope that helps!
you will only ever see security officers beam down if you have less than 4 BO's. once you have 4 or more BO's, you will never see a Security NPC beam dow nto the planet/ship/whatever with you even when your "default" party is set to nothing but security.