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07-09-2012, 10:29 PM

To do what you want you will need to have a long keybind. Because of that, you might have to press the same key multiple times before all abilities fire. This is because they specifically did not want the creation of an 'I WIN" button.

That being said, the following will allow you to fire all beam weapons, distribute shields, launch your four EPtx powers. Well, actually, it will launch the powers that are in tray 3, slot 1 through 4. But if you learn this, you can adapt it to your own config:

Space "FireAll$$trayexecbytraywithbackup 1 2 0 2 1$$trayexecbytraywithbackup 1 2 2 2 3$$+power_exec Distribute_Shields"

The trickiest ones are the tray exec commands, as you have to realize computers start counting at 0, not 1, so your first tray, slot one would be 0,0. The above command has a required "1" then the first power tray and slot and then the second power tray and slot. I used this twice for your four power option. But remember, due to the length, you might have to hit it a couple of times for all to work.

Edit: sorry, missed some of the requirements my first pass.

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