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07-09-2012, 10:41 PM
I'm having a similar issue. I just downloaded and patched the game last night, I've been playing fine since then off and on. Had one or two D/C's but nothing I was worried about, I just re-logged and the game ran fine. Then about 2-3 hours ago the game client started timing out. Basically everything loads fine: the space backdrop, anomalies, friendly ships, systems, the whole shebang. The problem comes in where I can't move my ship at all or interact with anything, but I can see other moving around me. I even restarted a character (no biggie, was only lvl5 and didn't really want to be a ferangi anyways). At first the client wouldn't even recognize that I had deleted my original character. Then I re-logged again and it worked, but the character creation was a bit laggy also. Got down with that and my character loaded to a black room, the textures didn't load. Intro movie played then came back to my new character: still in a black room and cannot move or interact with anything.

*EDIT* I forgot to mention that I can play just fine on other client based games like Diablo 3, and I can surf the web just fine too. Seems to be a problem on the server end.

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