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Originally Posted by aesica View Post
...delete a character with several bound, limited-time items because you wanted to try out a different captain type, only to find out you hate that type and want to go back to what you had before.
I have a Caitain Tac Captain that this is about to happen to. Two lunges are a little overkill, and tactical caps play far differently than I expected when I built him, but I'm scared I wouldn't like him as a sci or eng.

How about some more? queue for CE for the first time ever in your Torpedo Boat. get excited in pvp because blue team is up, 14-9; remember you're on red team this match. dump all your good stuff in the fleet bank so it can be used for the Starbase; Someone who reads first takes that stuff and loves all their new fleet marks.'re playing late at night in the dark and you get abandoned by your away team one by one in the Fire Caves.

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