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07-10-2012, 03:45 AM
For sure choose whatever energy type you wish.

As for the logic of not using beams because of turn rate and linking that to gravity well you need to put that under the 'because I feel like it category'. If you think it through you can see that the following cannot possibly be true.

My new setup allows me to stay facing my target, ensuring nearly 100% uptime for all weapons

Because eventually you do need to change targets. Or targets do get past you or past someone else. Or you die and need to move back in. Or the targets just happen to spawn on top of you. When any of these things occur, you will gain the benefit the greater arcs of the beams provide. And there's no reason to suffer significant dps loss from the rear arrays.

But its very easy to keep a target in the arc of all your beams. You do NOT need to be parallel to the target to do so. Just move off center enough that your rear beam arrays fire. Then it is a simple matter to nudge the ship over to allow for GW or the next torpedo salvo. Also some spawns come from different areas then the targets you may be working on. In those cases you COULD be broadside to a station, but aimed perfectly at the probes spawn point.

Engineers enjoy the ability to maintain high power levels. Combined with the beams this can be significant damage. Combined with evasive this can be significant maneuverability.

Or here. Don't use gravity well. Just use energy siphon. Don't even need to point the ship. Put chroniton borg torps on there too. Make those spawn move nice and slow.