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Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
1: Very much dependant on the group you are with - it can, admittedly, last that long if you are unlucky enough to find yourself in a PuG full of rainbow boats. By the same token, if you find yourself with a decent PuG, comprised of players who know what they're doing, they don't last anywhere near that long.

2: Forced to agree with this one - it doesn't happen too frequently, but have had STF's where I've been in my Intrepid retro and my shields inexplicably vanished after barely one shot (and I use MkXII MACO and three-piece borg). I don't enjoy having to use the Intrepid's Ablative Armor generator just to avoid being killed by uber-shots (and even then I have, on occasion, been killed during the brief period between the shields dropping and the armor activation).
Don't forget, the cubes occasionally seem use the neutralizer, along with the tachyon beam.

And I find it's usually the large destructible torpedoes that nail me, usually after I've been pinned in a tractor beam (I can only have so many tractor breakfrees). On occasion, though, some big shot (probably a plasma torp spread from a gate) catches me offguard and one-shots me. Quite annoying in the Elite STFs, what with the delay in respawn tied to frequency of dying.