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07-10-2012, 06:40 AM
Wow! Okay where do I start...

Yes I love the All Good Things uniform too.

With Jus In Bello: yeah I was trying to go for something dark and slow, I had to add the Feklhiri holograms because it felt too slow and like nothing was going on. Also I'm quite fond of the Feklhiri yeah lie flat - front is the only pose where they don't move at all.

SixSick... such a long title but it was the only thing that worked: I wanted it to be jarring, the Tzenkethi will attack a minor installation one moment and then throw themselves at Earth the next. Like the sudden Breen attack in DS9.
With Zoarhi, he's Aenar but I don't know how obvious that it is since I can't make an an actual Aenar in Foundry so used a Visor the Tzenkethi killed the Ferengi, no use to them anymore, I loved writing the Gorn.
I used Undine squads for the Tzenkethi - I based them heavily on Rough Beasts of Empire's description so I wanted them to use energy attacks but not guns since Tzenkethi are like electric eels.
The thing with the fleet battle is, if left to themselves the Tzenkethi will destroy the Federation fleet which needs to happen for the story.
I actually prefer this design of ESD, I've never really been fond of the space umbrella.
To be honest with HQ I used force fields with sparks and fire just to do something with those random rooms at the side.

What Defines a Friend: I was proud of that Romulan station. On the colony at the end a Tzenkethi Node appears and then disappears but I can't make it disappear permanently so I threw in blink and you'll miss it dialogue. Not too fond of that but it seemed like the best idea.
What I wanted to do with the warship was to show that it was just layers of these holding cells. A very cold sterile design throughout the ship.
I just wish there was a way to have an NPC group of whatever you want and then choose their allegiance, instead of them all having Federation weapons. I worry that breaks the immersion a little.
I do like the idea of the formation being unnatural since they are under the control of the Nodes but if it makes them easier to kill that probably takes a little fun out of it.

Apocalypse Descending: Yes, I had to throw in the Ferasans like that, I loved using the carrier and the fighters. Oddly the costumes are called Starfleet Caitians but those don't look like Starfleet uniforms and with a disruptor and a bat'leth in hand they make convincing enough Ferasans I think.
The dialogue with Lieutenant Nyte is a reference to my very first Foundry mission Thy Own Enemy, along with Captain Olsson I'm keeping all my missions in the same universe as it were.
Yeah it felt short to me too but I couldn't think of anything to add and personally I prefer for something to be short than to have stuff added for the sake of it.

I'm very pleased with a consistent 4 star rating thank you for that, and I will take your advice to heart while dabbling with mission 5 and future stuff. I think I will revamp the little things at a later date. Thanks for all your work with the reviews