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Originally Posted by Sevenblade View Post
Just wondering, but weren't you the same person who thought the previous supplemental log didn't make sense, and made a stink that Starfleet disbanding the Borg task force didn't make sense, either? No offense, but seriously, your arguments seem nitpicky and petty. You're acting like things stated to be cultural norms for these species are hard rules that each character has to follow, a mandate set in stone. The Klingons tend to follow a warrior philosophy, yet we've seen Klingons before that don't believe in that philosophy and don't fight on the battlefields (such as Antaak from the Enterprise Klingon Augment arc). They value honor, yet we saw even Martok's own son not live up to these standards. Let the writers have some leeway with their characters, and not act like everyone should be predictable to the point of mathematical calculation.

Besides, since you seem to have a regular problem with the supplemental logs, why not write your own and offer up an alternative you think would make sense, and let us analyze and pick apart the inconsistencies here?
In what way is wanting internal and external consistency nitpicky and petty? I'm pointing out aspects that determine the entire plot and characterization, not the color of phaser beams. Klingon honor isn't human honor, and as you've pointed out, they don't always follow their honor code either. The guy says they'll act honorably, after they just shot at his fleeing vessel and other civilian ships, and says they helped the wounded, even though they have been shown to kill the wounded in DS9. He says the Gorn never retreat, except he's taking escaping Gorn refuges which goes against the idea of extreme territoriality. The method is right, the history is being delivered as an entertaining story, but the execution is flawed.

I have offered suggestions with my criticism and have offered an alternative plot under the assumption that they're using the Star Trek prequel comic, in another thread. I have also offered suggestions and evidence on how the Klingons would become the Federation's enemy once again, in older threads.