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07-10-2012, 06:02 AM
I've stated in another thread... don't care if the ship is canon. Don't care if the ship even looks like a bird getting ass-r4p3d by a rhino.

If it is functional and does what I want it to do, I will use it.

Aesthetics don't mean a whole lot in PvP. If anything, if given the option, most of my fellow PvPers would probably paint their ships neon pink and swap out the warp nacells for d1ld0s and fly under the banner of the great Starfleet Tactical Wing "Pink R4P1STS".

Their opponents would be too distracted to actually pose any real threat. Brilliant tactic on their end, I might add, particularly given it is an unintentional side-effect of our sense of humor.

That said... Galaxy-R offers no real incentive to fly it versus the Odyssey or Galaxy-X (particularly if Cryptic wasn't trolling and gives the Galaxy-X saucer-sep as well).

So when I see it on the other side of the field, I have come to the following conclusions:

1.) My opponent is new to PvP.

2.) My opponent is a seasoned PvPer and is trolling his team for lulz.

3.) My opponent is a seasoned PvPer and is trying to prove a point that the ship is sub-par by comparison to others available.

4.) My opponent is a seasoned PvPer, but just not a good one.

Regardless of which conclusion is the correct one, the end of the match is still the same.

Still, I can't say too much... many have said the same of the Galaxy-X.

I actually STARTED using the Galaxy-X as a joke. Just to troll people with probably the most laughed-at ship of the time (back then, even the Galaxy-R was considered superior).

After enough victories, enough videos being made of what the ship can do if used right, that changed.