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Originally Posted by hellsfire6 View Post
Do you have Tac team and Emergency power to shields(EptS) BOFF skills?

I have HG MK XI shields and die maybe once every 5 normal STF's if that and I have less armour than you.
Currently flying a Vor'Char retrofit battle cruiser (which turns like an escort - but thats a whole other story).
My Science Klingon toon is flying a Hegh'ta with 3Borg + KHG shield (mk XI) and doesn't die all that often on Normal. And I'm more specced for annoyance/dps than survival.

The OP really didn't give us enough info. Full ship and boff layout would help to figure out any deficiencies.

As far as difficulty, they actually made it a bit easier by nerfing the Raptors and Negh'vars.
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