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07-10-2012, 06:15 AM
Originally Posted by emoejoe View Post
im sure i could wrangle an all star 10 man for a "big pvp" against the pesky interlopers

time to exterminate some pandas?
Lmao. How did Pandas get dragged into this request for help in a negative way unless the OP is a Happy Panda in which case, I will still get you OP. If not, anyone in OPVP is willing to help.

I'm sure you tried that once with Pandas Emo......
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"No, there is no real problem with P2W in STO. Obviously, if you fight against someone with an equal level of skill in the game, better equipment will give you an edge. But usually, it is the skill level that determines the outcome, not the P2W." - Sprinkles