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Originally Posted by sikamak View Post
Changing the difficulty of STFs, in my opinion they made some big mistakes.

1 - They last too long comparing with the drop. Cure space and Kithomer are particulary long. You can play one even for 45 minutes ore more and get useless drops. Being so, they don't worth the time spent playing them.

2 - Enemy damage. Quite often a single shot deals you 45.000 damage even if you have your shields up. I palyed some STF where i respawned just to get another blow of 40-50.000 damege and explode again.

Other nuisances are tolerable, but the two I described make me loose the wish to join a STF.
You're bad. I could clear Khitomer 2x by myself in 45 minutes.

You only get hit for 40k damage when your shields are up when you completely ignore the big slow floating ball of plasma that is ponderously begging for you to shoot it.