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07-10-2012, 09:20 AM
I either click my chat bar or press enter and start typing, only to have my game lag for two minutes trying to process all the hotkeys I hit.

If I type "I am using an Odyssey" in my game when the chatbox wasn't active like I thought it was, I would have (let's say I'm in space):

Opened my inventory
turned my ship a small bit to the left
opened the map
opened my status
turned my ship up a little
closed my inventory
opened my duty officer window
turned my ship a little more to the left
opened my social window
turned my ship a little to the right
opened the dilithium exchange
turned my ship a little up
increased my ship throttle to one quarter
closed the dilithium exchange

And it would lag for a while, depending on how fast my computer was running that day.