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Just posting this, as dontdrunkimshoot's thread seems to have run it's course.

I've got a cruiser itch I've been scratching at lately, so I put this together:

Fleet Retrofits: Fed Cruisers vs. KDF Battle Cruisers

I wanted to post it as a spreadsheet, but google docs has some irritating functions or lack of functions that I didn't feel like working around.

This is a straight "head to head" of what I think are the Fed & KDF counterparts for Cruisers.

I suppose looking at it from the developer's point of view they are "even" in that they each get a little something here and there with Feds getting a tiny bit of extra defense and KDF getting (quite a bit more) offense.

I think my main complaint is that defense, defense and more defense in the shape of some extra hull for Fed ships just really isn't as good as the benefits the KDF cruisers get in comparison.

Part of this is the design objectives for Fed and KDF ships, and another part is a pretty system wide issue in that the entire game heavily favors offense over a few K hull points.

Some opinions:

1) Fleet Heavy Cruiser Retrofit vs. Fleet K'T'inga: Relatively even, although the Fleet K'T'inga is the much more appealing ship personally.

This is actually the most balanced match up. While I think having more offense in the shape of a dramatically higher turn rate, cloak and the ability to take advantage of that turn rate with DCs/DHCs is much better - the Heavy Cruiser R does get an extra 5K hull.

2) Fleet Assault Cruiser Retrofit vs. Fleet Vor'cha Retrofit: Vor'cha wins, hands down.

These two ships are the Tac heavy, offense focused ships. Except the Vor'cha comes out leagues ahead. Significantly better turn rate, cloaking, DHCs/DCs at a loss of only 3K hull? No contest.

Oh yeah, the Fleet AC-R can use 1 extra device slot...wowie. I'm usually scratching my head what to put in the 4th slot as it is.

3) Fleet Star Cruiser vs. Fleet Corsair Flight Deck Cruiser: Winner Corsair, but only by a little.

These ships are pretty evenly matched. The Corsair gets a better turn rate, but not much and no DHCs/DCs (and the turn rate wouldn't really be good enough for them anyway). It gets a hangar which I think is more useful than 3k hull, but they're relatively even depending on playstyle preference.

4) Fleet Exploration Cruiser Retrofit vs. Fleet Negh'var Heavy Battle Cruiser: This one is some kind of a cruel joke. The Negh'var not only wins, it shows up at the Galaxy's hospital bed to kick it in the crotch while it's down and post the resulting photos on facebook.

1.1k hull and a Device slot vs. massively better turn rate, universal ensign, Dual cannons, cloaking...

*Yes the Galaxy can get Saucer separation: a limited use ability on a cooldown, that takes up a console slot granting more maneuverability to a ship that is stuck using beam arrays anyway - it also requires purchase from the store AND grinding out a T5 (IIRC) starbase.

Someone the Dev team went to bat for the Negh'var, it looks amazing and I can't wait to own one.

Someone on the Dev team thinks the Galaxy deserves to be a museum that invites little starfleet babies to it to teach them what not to fly when they get older.

So that's my opinion.

Are the Fed Cruisers underpowered? Hardly.

They're basically what they always were: underwhelming & somewhat boring.

It's just exasperated by just how much better the Fleet KDF Retrofits are looking due to the new BOFF layouts giving them some amazing new options for offense.

dontdrunkimshoot said it well:

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot
the fed cruisers are basically only good at turtleling, healing, and shooting beam arrays for mild to moderate pressure damage.

the kdf cruisers have many different options. they can do everything a fed cruiser can, and a properly built DHC vorcha can be as dangerous as a cross between a fed cruiser, escort and sci ship combined.

with 3 turn rate consoles giving me 25 turn rate, a tractor beam and eject plasma i can keep someone immobilized for almost a minute, with only about 30 seconds down time in between. i got all the most powerful cruiser heals, wile at the same time i can effectively use escort weapons. vorcha is the funnest ship to fly imo

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