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04-17-2009, 04:35 PM
Wow fire your video editor! lol that was a strange collection of scenes!

Absolutely elated at the couple of new tidbits thought that I saw. Very excited about them.

Little disappointed in how it was the same old scenes, over and over just to fill the space for the audio interview. Surely you guys could have done a little better? But maybe you didn't have time. I'm not going to complain, (too much ) Because it was new info.

Oh, and what was with the Star Trek XI movie footage? that was just weird and out of place, Did offer some action tidbits though. Let's hope that ppl don't expect the game to look that life like! LOL

Keep up the awesome work!

(seriously I have seen better fan made films, You guys should think about releasing some new videos. then have the fans make a collage for you! Have a contest, throw in beta spot as a prize. Then use that video for a big promotional spree! Something high profile like or Excellent community builder and marketing for the game!
Plus, you guys don't have to have somebody take lots of time out just to make a video of the game! At least not until the game is about to release. But you could do the same thing for a release video as well. Up to you guys, I would just like to see this happen in this fashion. And to me Everybody wins!)