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Well, I think the Galaxy has just a crappy BO layout. I like ships that are as close to canon as possible, and the Galaxy ingame doesn't reflect that. It is an exploration ship, mostly tasked with science and exploration in the tv show.
Lt Commander science instead of the Ensign eng. and I would fly it. Turnrate is ok for a fat cruiser.
Well, don't forget how they were used as battleships during the Dominion war. Any ship can be used for exloration and all ships have science capability. The Enterprise was the first of its kind and it came out during a time of peace. That peace was over after dealing with the borg and ending up on several stalemates with the Romulans. When the Dominion War broke out, Galaxy Class ships were repurposed as battleships and some were retrofited with phaser blisters on the Engine nacelles.