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Originally Posted by xantris View Post
You're bad. I could clear Khitomer 2x by myself in 45 minutes.

You only get hit for 40k damage when your shields are up when you completely ignore the big slow floating ball of plasma that is ponderously begging for you to shoot it.
You forget the borg invisi-torps, that is, the non-existant torps that cant be targeted or shot but still do 50-100k through shields. My oddy at 9 points structural integrity, 3 neutroniums, and the doff bonus for sif up got one shotted through FULL shields and FULL hull. Granted, if you have 4 competant players, stf's are a faceroll, but the invisa-crits ought to be replaced by some other combo of abilities/weapons to pick up the slack as devs consider the invisa-torps to be a 'challenge' and a viable weapon to give the borg. Otherwise, totally agree.
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