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07-10-2012, 10:51 AM
Where are we in STF?

well usually in a team with 4 other Galaxys
(we WIN consistantly and get 75% of optionals)

Sometimes in a pug but only if that pug does not abuse us on arrival (and it happens)

Where are we in PVP?
avoiding it
because a Galaxy captain is USUALLY a Role player or a PVE player
and we do not want to spend time blowing someone on the same team (federation) into Tiny tiny bits

AS to the ODDY being the be all and end all
Well its not

oh its a little more popular
but it steers like a COW and anyway its not A Galaxy

A team with 5 Galaxy classes (or 3 Galaxys and a couple of Nebulas) can deal with pretty much any mission .

And look good doing it

If you like the oddy fly the oddy
if you like the galaxy Fly the Galaxy

if you fly ESCORTS or anything elsw don't try and tell the Cruiser boys and Girls what WE should fly .

you don't see us saying "the defiant is underpowered and needs 6 foreward and 6 aft weapon slots and a commander tactical slot" do ya ??