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04-17-2009, 07:00 PM
While the interview was pretty much a wash in and of itself (no new info at all, video was actually the same one we've seen (shown twice during the course of that interview in fact )) I'm glad to see they're getting more "mainstream" attention now.

If we could just get a new gameplay video or they could do something about that weird Galaxy Quest meets Star Wars music they seem to have...we'd be set!

There were some interesting new video scenes: a Galaxy-class ship about to lose its starboard warp nacelle; Borg coming out of a cave only to get phasered; a very pretty ship explosion;
You aren't paying much attention good sir! Those things are all from videos we saw months ago. The flybys of the miranda (ug they're still here) and one or two random asteroid field shots were all that was new...basically around 8 seconds of footage :p

Finally... MSNBC? Really? What in the world makes providing PR content about an online game to MSNBC look like a smart use of limited PR opportunities?
What large videogame outlets haven't they already talked to and given almost the same identical interview to? :p They're running out of people to talk to and they're saying almost the exact same things to them They could have just saved Craig the time for that interview by clipping those soundbytes from the other interviews he's done