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07-10-2012, 11:38 AM
When did this auto-closing start? Were there any "official" comments that it was intentional? If so, what reason was given? Yeah, it can be worked around but auto-closing-when-character/ship-window-opens is pointless as it was never a problem. You could even walk away from the source of the window with the window open and it would auto-close when you got far enough away. Were people complaining of the exchange or bank windows staying open when they bring up their character/ship window? Were people bogging down the server with stacks of open vendor and ship selection windows?

This seems like a mind-numbingly stupid thing to add to the game - a feature that makes using various in-game services a hassle. Basically, I'm looking for some kind of logic behind it. I seriously doubt I'll find any but I'm looking all the same.

I'm beginning to remember why I took the first seven months of the year off from STO...