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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Ok, ok, I hear you guys. I'll hold off on reducing the effectiveness for now, and just work on correcting the tooltip.

Doffs remain a largely unbalanced feature though, by admission of Heretic. The scenarios that they can alter are almost impossible to effectively test internally and we rely heavily on the feedback of players to give us more insight on their actual utility. As such, continued changes are bound to happen on an regular basis.

For future discussion of balancing doff powers, it's probably best to focus those into the Duty Officer subforum. I'm keeping an eye on it, I assure you, even though I'm not as prolific of a poster as Heretic was.
One big issue is that the space ones are by far way more beneficial than ground ones when looking at it from the aspect of looking at engineers only have one kit they can't boost with doff powers but pretty much with a tactical most ppl only will get grenades cd reducer and security team do the fact that you have all those melee ones and other but the melee system is so messed up and not even really usable in stfs that you won't find anyone who holds any value much in melee weapons or melee boosting doffs. As far as science you pretty much only have healing kits that boost your abilities there is the new geologist but other than that you have a ton of science abilities that get no love with doffs.

The space however the majority you'll see are tactical officers and flight deck officers for the most part they might be unbalanced but that is practically because of the fact that you have a small amount that are extremely useful and then others that are nothing more than a collectors item... Just an example ones that give you a bonus to abandon ship imo I do not find the skill or that doff to any use.