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07-10-2012, 11:55 AM
until i can get into the fleet vorcha, that fleet ktinga looks soooo awesome. it has the 11 turn rate, and im not sure off the top of my head but its inertia score should be much more escort like. it shall definitely replace my current vorcha asap. the heavy cruiser is just an assault cruiser with less hitpoints but 1 more turn rate, kinda underwhelming. and the galaxy continues to suck at life, especially when compared the the negvar.

oh and the dearly departed fleet sov, well im of the opinion that a ship thats only ever going to be good at using beam arrays proboly doesn't need 5 tac stations. ive always thought a sov with a tactical COM would be the best, with LTC, LT and ENS engineering. i will certainly take the 5 tac station sov over the original sov setup though.
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