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4) Fleet Exploration Cruiser Retrofit vs. Fleet Negh'var Heavy Battle Cruiser: This one is some kind of a cruel joke. The Negh'var not only wins, it shows up at the Galaxy's hospital bed to kick it in the crotch while it's down and post the resulting photos on facebook.

1.1k hull and a Device slot vs. massively better turn rate, universal ensign, Dual cannons, cloaking...

*Yes the Galaxy can get Saucer separation: a limited use ability on a cooldown, that takes up a console slot granting more maneuverability to a ship that is stuck using beam arrays anyway - it also requires purchase from the store AND grinding out a T5 (IIRC) starbase.

Someone the Dev team went to bat for the Negh'var, it looks amazing and I can't wait to own one.

Someone on the Dev team thinks the Galaxy deserves to be a museum that invites little starfleet babies to it to teach them what not to fly when they get older.

So that's my opinion.

Are the Fed Cruisers underpowered? Hardly.

They're basically what they always were: underwhelming & somewhat boring.

It's just exasperated by just how much better the Fleet KDF Retrofits are looking due to the new BOFF layouts giving them some amazing new options for offense.

dontdrunkimshoot said it well:
yes I agree the galaxy class will loose because of its crappy turn rate and the dev who said that pretty much pissed off a lot of star trek fans who like that ship