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Originally Posted by dracondarknight View Post
The Negh'Vars counterpart is actually the assault cruiser, not the Galaxy.
No Idea if you or Cryptic(ingame) got it wrong though.

It's been covered already, but from the game's perspective the Negh'var is the counterpart to the Galaxy.

If you take a look at the cruiser line up for the fleet retrofits, you'll see the pattern that somewhat already existed:

Sci Focused
Corsair & Star Cruiser

Tac Focused
Vor'cha & Assault Cruiser

Eng Focused
Negh'var & Galaxy-R

If you look even closer you'll notice that the Sci, Tac and Eng versions of each of these ships BOFF layouts is something you could recreate using the C-store versions of the different Ody & Bortasqu ships.

So these ships are a way to get a very specialized version of these BOFF layouts "for free" with a different skin (and generally better turn rates, sorry Gal-R the joke's on you!!)

They have less customizability (or zero) and generally less shields, in some cases (mostly KDF side) they have less hull.