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07-10-2012, 02:40 PM
Little disappointed that he said most of s6 is on tribble. I expected at least double the content for a season update. When testing stuff i was thinking hmm so this is the bare basics of s6 but nope turns out its most if not all of s6.

Dont get me wrong the new space missions are kinda cool tho dunno how repeatable they can be without sets to aim for like stfs as doing em for fleet marks or whatever isnt enough imo.

The starbases are ok tho pretty basic and not alot of choice of what to do on a sb for members of a fleet. Only the fleet leader can dictate what is to do and work towards and the only thing members can do is contribute which to me feels like a bore fest and isnt fun just giving things to a system. I would have liked to see more members have stuff to do for sb stuff like run stations on the sb or part of a sb crew have responsibilities i.e missions/work to do.

Edit - A friend said something i think is worth including. *right now it just seems to be like giving one guy the power to say "Do what I want minions"* Which yeah starbases are only controlled by fleet leaders the rest are "minions" who go collect the stuff so he can use. Not very fair is it.

Edit continued - He also mentioned about giving the members of a fleet the option to customise their own room or something, some sort of activity to do on their own at least on the starbase. So a possible room per person like a home away from their ship which they can decorate and design. Something like this i believe he is meaning which i agree, would be nice to have.

Tried the tholian ground easy missions. Bit boring just spam killing tholians and clicking on a few things and picking up tholian drops. Not much of a story is there or voice over or cinematics. Just seems as lame as defera is.

Oh about lobi being account bound or not. Well its not very easy to get i.e you cant create toons and get it and trade it or whatever. Only thing i need is lobi to be account bound not char bound because i have a kdf at 190 lobi ish and a fed with 76 lobi. I need the 190 on my fed toon so i can get a console for 200 lobi i dont see why i should have to spend millions to get more lobi when i have it on a diff toon just sitting there with no intention of using for my kdf (at this time).

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