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Originally Posted by jake81499 View Post
There I was...............

I PuGed into a cure normal space.

I see four oddys but I say 'Hi' anyway.

No responce as usual.

(I could probably just copy and paste the first few lines of my tales of terror from my other tales of terror.)


I buzz on over to the right side and start killing nodes.

No help.

I look back and see all four oddys packed around the Kang blazing away with their technicolor rainbow beams set on stun.

I type, 'A little help please?'

Someone types, 'why? you're an escort, you should be able to do it all yourself.'

I'm like 'Hu?'

I shut down and parked. I was peeved.

I immediatly went off on their technicolor rainbow beams set on stun and weak blankidy blank oddys.

Then I turn around and killed everything but lost the optional by about 5 seconds.

Now for the fun part.

I parked again and watched them try to kill the carrier (or whatever it is).

They were begging me to help.

I say, 'Why? Your technicolor rainbow beams set on stun and super duper oddys should be able to handle it.'

Almost 30 minutes later I gor tired of watching and typed, 'lose the POS rainbow technicolor beams and build a REAL ship.'

Someone says 'FU'

I flew over, gave the carrier a 1 - 2 punch, took my goodies and left.

I had checked their status while I was watching, all instant admirals with around 3000 accolade points.
What else is new? Seriously, these care-bears with massive egos who think they're so awesome really get on my nerves.
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