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# 685 Another bad day.
07-10-2012, 03:47 PM
There I Was.................

Infected Space Elite.

I PuGed in and said 'Hi' as usual.

No responce as usual.

I see a Klink, something I couldn't identify but it was Fed an Escort and an oddy.

I type, '10% rule?'

The Escort says, 'F That'

I think 'Oh Goody'

We fly off and start shooting things.

The escort and oddy have technicolor rainbow beams, the klink has skittles.

I think 'Oh Goody'

The klink dies.

We all fly to the left, three ships are working on one node, I go to the other side of the gen and start working on one node and the klink goes to the gate and starts shooting away.

I think 'Oh Goody'

Pretty quick we are overwelmed by spheres.

I say, 'If you guys can keep the spheres away from the Gen I'll kill it.'

The Escort says 'F That'

I think 'Oh Goody'

I finally catch a break with the help of the ship I didn't identify and get the gen killed and we start working harder on the spheres.

20 minutes later, side two the same thing.

The Klink is still shooting the gate and by now he's died so many times he may as well not be in the game.

About two forevers go by and we finally kill the side 2 Gen.

Now the Cube has come into play.

It's getting agro from the Klink and he pulls it around into the gate.

I focused on the Cube, everyone else was shooting Gate and dying left and right.

I died a couple times too. (Darn It)

The Cube dies and when it went it took a good chunk out of the Gate so the rest was failrly easy.

The Klink then pipes up, 'if you noobes would have helped me kill the gate at the start this wouldn't have happened.'

I'm like, 'Hu?'

I said, 'Have you ever played ISE before or won an ISE optional?'

He said, 'He's been playing ISE for weeks and never won the optional because of noobes like you.'

I said, 'Ok, You're not going to win the next one either.'

I gathered my goodies and left.

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