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07-10-2012, 03:51 PM
Originally Posted by meurik View Post
Guess it's time to lobby for the REMOVAL of the "Account Bank" since it's essentially made useless if this decision goes through. What do we need a 10-slot bank (which we can't buy slots for), when we can't transfer any items between characters ON OUR ACCOUNT that are of significant use to our other characters?
I use my account bank all the time for moving stuff between characters. It's much handier than mail. I just wish we could move Boffs and Doffs that way.

Just because it doesn't serve the purpose you want it for doesn't mean it's not useful to others.

p.s. I was also hoping some things would be account bound that aren't, but that doesn't mean want to throw away what functionality we did receive just because it wasn't everything I wanted.