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07-10-2012, 04:55 PM
Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
quoting myself from the other discussion (and updating it a bit):

-> having EDC/Salvage/Tech account bound would allow these items to be moved to other characters and turned in for DILITHIUM ORE effectively circumventing the 8000 / day dil refining limit of that character.

-> having the OMEGA / MACO / KHG items able to be moved around would open up the possibility to move the complete set around all your characters, unlocking the permanent Accolade for the Costume options on all your characters with just one set.

Therefore make the REQUISITION account bound -> the Requisition can't be turned into Dilithium Ore anymore, and the Item you would buy with the Requisition would still be Bind on Pickup.

I soooo agree with this! I can see where Salami was coming from but what Zerobang has suggested cancels out these concerns that Salami and team may have. Although, to further safeguard exploit concerns I wouldn't allow the requisitions to be bound to account and allow you to move Mk Xii etc gear around your alts to get accolades etc. But instead, make the Requisitions "Bind On Equip".

That might suit the concerns of the Cryptic team a bit more and yet eliminate another exploit they just might be concerned about?