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Originally Posted by ziploc332 View Post
Just how underpowered are the Silver ships?

I.E. should I expect a "golds only" type glass ceiling when I hit max?
Original poster here.

First off, Golds do not get access to better ships by default. While they do get a C-Point (soon to be Zen) stipend per month, that isn't the only thing you can spend it on, and it would take 4-5 months of stipends to be able to afford an end-game ship with it. If you want to just buy the ship and don't care about any of the other gold bonuses you can get it for a little more than what a Gold subscriber would pay for a month of subscription.

Now, the ships themselves. First off, people will disagree with me and say that the C-Store ships are the apocalypse with nacelles mounted on it. In my experience, they are not. Half the game still flies Assault Cruisers regardless of rank after they hit level 40. While there are a TON of Odys, the fact is the free ships outnumber the paid ships by a significant margin. In fact I think the Ody is the only one that really may rival the Assault Cruiser for the #1 spot in terms of total population (for all the flack it gets, it is a TREMENDOUSLY popular ship).

In many cases the differences are one of two things - a gimmick console, or variety as opposed to outright advantages. For instance, ODYSSEY ASIDE, in the end-game cruisers for Starfleet, you have the options of:

* Balance (Assault Cruiser)
* Tanking (Star Cruiser)
* Tanking with in-flight reconfiguration for battle (Gal-R)
* Bloated balance with a BFG with a ridiculous cooldown (Galaxy-X)
* DPS (Excel-R)

The last three are c-store ships, the first two are not. So you get more variety and a bit of a boost or a special goodie, not so much raw, pure, endless advantage. Note again in the Gal-X's case, you have to wait 4-5 minutes before you can fire the phaser lance again - an impressive ability, but it will not necessarily win the battle by itself, and once it fires, it's a bloated assault cruiser, which arguably puts it at a disadvantage to at least the AC (the extra 1000 HP of hull doesn't cut it, and I doubt you'll be able to avoid detection with the cloak until the cooldown is up).

Now, the Odyssey is an odd duck, and it's pretty powerful and very versatile, I can't deny that. However, in it's full glory it has it's own disadvantages - in order to use the entire set you essentially sacrifice two consoles. Most special goodies take up one console slot, giving you 8 to work with if you want it, but the Ody's eats the EXTRA slot it came with, a regular slot that any other c-store ship would have to sacrifice for the goodie, and an additional one. It's a lot you get out of it but it's a lot you sacrifice as well. So while the Ody may be a cut above the rest, it is not so cut-and-dried as one might think.

In fact, there is currently a lot of disgruntlement in terms of the fleet ships, which are technically free, in that they have considerable advantages over the C-Store ships. A number of c-store ship owners (myself included), while we may not want ships that are necessarily a lot MORE powerful than free ships, would like our ships to be at least as powerful as free ships.

Probably the only place one would find major disadvantages would be PvP, where the screams of 'pay-to-win is the devil!' echo the loudest, but even there, it's not so clear cut. I have heard tales of players that were a nightmare to fight in virtually every possible ship combination. Myself, I hardly ever play PvP, so I haven't verified much by myself for that. But also keep in mind that a lot of PvPers optimize their builds so specifically that they basically build an entire character from tutorial to level 50 with a specific ship, equipment set and power layout in mind down to the last detail, so ANYTHING would throw them off, and this is mostly the top tier.

So in short, the answer is, pay ships are a little bit better, but it's more about variety or special goodies than overwhelming power, you can still be very competitive with free ships, and being Gold has nothing to do with it, it's whether or not you paid for the ship one way or another.

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