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07-10-2012, 04:17 PM
I've started work on updating the starcharts for season 6, due to the addition of the PVE queues and implementation of the DoFF system I'm removing the Diplomatic missions list and Fleet Action lists.

Due to many people getting confused about the location of Gamma Orionis sector block I've decided I'll be adding a Galactic map to the Star charts a well. It's still a work in Progress, the bright dots indicate where Voyager started its journey, where Earth is and where the Gamma Quadrant wormhole is.

STO Sector Locations

I'll be working on the sector blocks this coming week and slightly revamping the style of the chart to more closely match the style of the STO website (should make it look a bit more slick).

If anyone has any suggestions for what features they might like adding to the starcharts, please let me know :-)

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