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Originally Posted by drumcd74656 View Post
What data did you base that off of and where did you get the scaling? Mind you, you are absolutely correct that Gamma Orionis is in that general area - but I was just wondering how you decided on a scale, direction, etc...
I got the locations of the sector blocks from the infamous UFP map that Cryptic has been using for placing the sectors, the scaling I got for looking at the work at ST: Dimension. I then overlapped the 2. I've found several conflicting maps, but I'm pretty happy with the locations. The same goes with the sectors been either a solid grid or been radial, we actually have maps from the series showing both. Eitherway, it gives a much better idea to players on the vague scale of the sectorblocks in the greater scheme of things, as well as where Gamma Orionis actually is (that been NOT in the Delta Quadrant). :-)

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