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Concentus: I am DJ Concentus and I am interviewing Captain Geko

Geko: Hello there

Concentus: All right so you are the lead designer

Geko: That is correct.

Concentus: And I know there were some people on the forums, on our thread going, he?s the lead designer should he know stuff about the foundry, so just to clarify you do, do stuff with the foundry right?

Geko: Um, I actually do very with the foundry, the foundry is actually handled by our core team in our company and so the - there is the core foundry team, and they work on the foundry for Neverwinter, and they work on the foundry, actually originally started, on star trek, that the foundry lead designer actually was originally was the lead content designer when we first started is Josh Ferguson, so he, once we got the foundry put into place they kinda split off into their own team and they do they handle all foundry stuff for both projects, what we do is we take the, put assets to them so when making new art, new levels, ships, stuff like that, some of that the artist can directly put in by themselves some of it kinda goes to the core team a little bit so, it's not so much that it?s a design, works on directly with that so, it's usually the core team and the artist at work together, and the engineers, the foundry engineers are in the core team, and we have engineers in house that will merge stuff in as new features come available, but the exact, what?s coming down the pipe actually, I?m not, I don?t have a clear view on what?s going on with that unfortunately. Dan Stahl would know more about that being the EP of the project, so he?s a great person, for working with that, he gets to see, he?s in contact with that core team and working with them so <scrambled> we can do this, we can do this, and he disseminates that task to the engineers to make it work. It?s not a main star trek core design feature, its part of the cryptic core team.

Concentus: So let's say for example the recent infamous, tier five connie rowboat with warp nacelles work was snuck in there by jamjamz on his own

Geko: Yes that would be correct

Concentus: Sadly I know that ship isn?t going to stay in game

Geko: Yes that would be correct

Concentus: Sadly I know that ship isn?t going to stay in game, I would love <scrambled>

Geko: That was a, that was a blank, that?s all.

Concentus: I?ve been against the tier five constitution since day one, didn?t make much sense to me.

Geko: It?s been a really sore spot, a lot of people who love the ship, CBS, is really, dosen?t, not really keen on seeing that happen, they weren?t even too keen about seeing the connie itself in game at all but we were able to get it in, we were able to work it out, and it became a low-end ship. Even if it?s the TOS, or the wrath of con connie refit, it?s a touchie ship, because it?s such an iconic ship in star trek that you can see things like mirandas, and old ships, and olberths and shelly?s and all kinds of really old ships in the newer shows, even the movies, were like, and deep space nine, you?ll see those old ships, and you never see another connie. It?s just something that?s very sacred to the IP and, and nowhere it happened where it fit this place in history. <scrambled> though a little sensitive about it and I respect that, and I sincere about it as well.

Concentus: It is, it?s a very iconic ship, you think about it, you go to the national space museum in Washington dc, and even when I was a little kid, we?d bring in folks from overseas from my dads work, and I?d take them over there and give them a little tour. Then like a crazy little six year old, and I go, there?s the enterprise, point to the model of the enterprise they have in the museum, and even they would know what it is. It?s got the brand recognition so obviously people want to fly it

Geko: Because it?s so popular, people love it. They wonder why it, we can get away with putting even the NX or even if you wanted to probably bring even the Miranda available at higher levels. We haven?t done that, made the decision, but it?s easier to do that from an IP standpoint, as far as the approval standpoint to make the connie tier five. It?s not to say that it will never happen but I think that if we, were to make it happen we really would need a good excuse for, we would probably want to make something of a story about it, would probably <scrambled> of the NX. <Scrambled> core of engineers on utopia planitia we made a project, it was kinda like we were building one of the model T-cars just to make it functional. It was a resistance model, but it was all done with new technology. So we did that a little bit, but anyway, you know, it?s, I?ll never say die, but it's not something that we?re, we have anything on the schedule to do and I wouldn't count on it.

Concentus: It's a perpetual maybe

Geko: Yes

Concentus: Okay, while we?re on the ships actually, how close are we to getting a sovereign refit. This is from a-t-a-t assault.

Geko: Well I don't like committing to specific times when new ships to come out, or what would be coming out next. We?ve got a lot of new ships coming out, I think around the total of forty, plus of minus a couple around forty with the fleet system, a lot of those are refits or retrofits, with the exception of the Ho?sus for the klingons and the aquarius, those are the support ships from the flagships. So except those, those will all be refits and retrofits, but, so we got a bunch of new toys for people to play with, and people are starting to see the stats on Tribble and getting really excited about seeing better stats on one of the ships. So um, as far as the, seeing a sovereign refit, which will most likely be hitting the c-store for that. It?s a little too early to commit, but as a absolute promise that, well, better be careful about absolute promises, since its absolute promise as I can say in all reality as anything could happen with them; that you?ll be seeing a t-five Connie before the end of the year. Excuse me; did I say t-five Connie? <laughing/Scrambled> a refit sovereign <scrambled> I didn?t say that, really, where?s my control-z <scrambled> so, yea, the sovereign, there will be one coming out, I can?t promise you when. We released the <inaudible> carrier, the <inaudible> escort carrier, I would really like to get a science vessel out there next, first, there?s a lot of big ones on the radar that people really want, is the sovereign, the ambassador, the, Andorian ship, and the vesta. That I?ve talked about before; it; tied up with some legal issues we?re trying to straighten a license deal to make that work but those are those are the, those of the of the big ships. We know those are what people want, those will be coming out, and is in an unknown order, and we generally release new ships to the c-store about every two and a half months or so, so you do the math, somewhere within there you?ll see those ships come out every other month, or about, or something

Concentus: I know the ambassador and the Andorian ships will make a lot of people happy, I know I have been waiting for the ambassador for a while, and once I heard the vesta was on the radar I was like, I think I want that or the ambassador now.

Geko: Everyone really wanted the Akira, we got it out there, and people were so excited, it was really popular, then within a couple days they would go, what about my ambassador, when am I getting my sovereign, why can?t you get this. It?s like we can?t give you all at once, it?s, and we gotta pace it. We pace it out, get you one, then get excited about it, and everyone gets a chance to put that through its pieces and you know, if we throw them all out at once I don?t think it?s good marketing, it?s not a good system, and it?s not good for the players because we don?t have anything to give you next month. So we?ll, the ambassador, I know Dan has mention wanting to release it within content, so we?re wrapping a story behind it. I?m not sure how that one fold I don't know if that means it will still be free and make it may not be free we may put it in the fleet store, maybe add maybe a t-three and a t-five version still unclear but in one way or another ambassador is coming.

Concentus: I remember, thinking back to season three, yeah, with the romulan series there was all the speculation of the ambassador was going to show up as a reward for that.

Geko: because of the ties with the ambassador and romulan story

Concentus: Yes

Geko: <inaudible> I can see that

Concentus: While we?re on the topic, how did the armitage get launched with that wonderful STF crippling bug jar? Which was entertaining.

Geko: Well that was an unfortunate little bug, and the bottom line is that the ship lists, we, will, to be called internally class category, you use it, the uses see it when, when you look at say cannon, that says this can, can be used by escorts, or destroyers, or whatever other ships can be used on it, those are class categories. So for instance if it says can be as my escort that includes all the escorts in the game from the light escort all the way up to the patrol escorts or the advanced escorts, or any of those versions, that the class category. So on the STF?s we have an opt in lists of class categories as opposed to, which would?ve been much better and we just not how the technology set up and a opt out list, it?s every class category, except shuttles, as we don?t want to have people taking shuttles into STF?s, so when we created the armitage, the armitage is a brand new class, it?s a escort carrier, it?s not a straight up escort, so one thing we had to do was add escort carrier to all the cannons in the game, because cannons can only be used by escorts and destroyers, and light cruisers, and dreadnoughts I believe, we had to regenerate all those items, thousands of cannons in the game, some of them are hand created, some of them are created by a algorithmic system, so we had escort carrier to it, so that way the armitage could use it. There?s probably a couple of cannons floating out there that you can?t use on your armitage yet, if that?s the case, lets us know so we can go ahead and fix that manually. Same thing has to be done to the STF?s, honestly, bottom line, forgot, wasn?t, never came up on testing, we never thought about it and it was unfortunate mistake on our half, soon as we saw it, fixed it immediately, only took all of like thirty seconds to fix, but because the way the magic of code and computers were, had to be rebuilt, and then you don?t want to take the servers down for a hour to push that one thing so well, it was pushed midnight that following night and it was fixed by the next day. So next time we add a new class category, say we introduce, I don?t know, make up something, who knows, whenever we introduce a new class category we will be better to remember it this time. Freighter for instance is a new class category, new class category that we added and concisely decided to not be allowed in STF?s, although I think it would be hilarious

Concentus: Probably a good idea <laughing>

Geko: But we decided not to, so that one we made a decision to not allow that.

Concentus: Well good. The potential to troll STF?s with a freighter is no longer there.

Geko: Well people could still do that, I mean it?s not a perfect system, I mean we haven?t locked out to only t-five ships to the STF?s and even go in with a T-one nova, and maybe tick off your friends, or maybe they?re not your friends, so that can happen, but we just decided to lock out shuttles and freighters.

Concentus: So on that same topic; will we be able to test a Cstore ship again before it goes live?

Geko: Yes, we are working, Brandon and I?ve been talking, <inaudible> working closely at the developing a new system so that way we can the users involved with testing of new ships in a much more focused manner so, don?t have any details on that right now, but, pretty certain that it will happen before any new ships go out, barring the time to get it implemented before the fleet ships go out. Those aren?t nearly as sophisticated in development as the armitage is, so I don?t anticipate anything to major.

Concentus: I really do like the armitage though, it?s a fun ship to fly and having that single hangar bay, give you a lot more flexibility, you can, I actually played for ages as an engineer in an escort, and I flew an MVAM when I flew a very durable escort I can push out a ton of damage, not as much as a full blown tac and escort, but I could sit there and hit miracle worker when I was down at five percent health and suddenly be back at full, and I really like having the shield repair drones on the armitage that?s a lot of fun.

Geko: That?s the ones you use, the shield repair drones?

Concentus: It all depends on what I?m going up against, if I?m in a STF, I go full damage and I throw the peregrines in it. If I?m just goofing around in storyline missions I?ll use repair bots

Geko: Yeah, so there?s uh, there?s a lot of options there. There?s actually more options on the Klingon side for uh, fighter pets, but there?s quite a few options for that uh, for that ship as far as fighter pets. If you uh if you or the users don?t know, you can get different fighter pets for uh, for can get base models for um, for energy credits; and then you can get, you can get better models you can get the um--currently they are marked color as blue--the uh rare, the uh rare quality colors for um, dilithium; and soon in the fleet system, you?ll be able to buy purple, or very rare versions of all of those fighter pets in the fleet store. So, you?ll have to unlock those with your fleet starbase, and so you?ll be able to get purple, you know, purple rare Peregrines. I?m probably going to go ahead and up the color quality on all the ships--on all of the fighter pets. It won?t change them at all except their display color, because currently it comes with the green, you can buy dilithium blue, and you can get fleets for purple, but now we have this new quality coming out with all items in the fleet stores called, ?Ultraviolet?, or basically: Fleet quality, or uh, ultra rare, and so I am going to bump everything so that way all the pets will start off as blue, and then you get purple for dilithium, and then ultra rare in the fleet stores. It?s just a color change, now that we have that extra quality. That way...that way all gear, all consoles that come with C-Store ships are typically blue, so that will bring that color in line, and it?s just purely an aesthetic thing. But, those are fun if you get those. I don?t know if you have them, but the dilithium Peregrines have quantum torpedoes, so they are an upgrade.

Concentus: Oh yeah, I?ve been running those. I run the advanced shield repair drones as well.

Geko: Yeah they?re-

Concentus: Actually, on my Klingon, I run the Advanced S?kuls.

Geko: The advanced which ones?

Concentus: The uh, kamikaze fighters.

Geko: Oh, yeah the Skulls?

Concentus: Yeah.

Geko: You say, ?S?kuls?? I always call them ?Skulls?.

Concentus: Yeah, the apostrophe always makes me go, ?S?kul.?

Geko: S?kul? Suhkul. I don?t know. I uh...I don?t remember where we got that name, but uh yeah, sure I know which ones you?re talking about. Those are fun. Those were fun to make.

Concentus: I really wish there was an equivalent for the Federation of those.

Geko: Kamikaze fighters? (Laughing)

Concentus: But, I know that would make absolutely no sense at all.
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