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Originally Posted by cptskeeteruk View Post
Yeah i do not like the mentality of "release it if it doesnt crash the game or have game stopping bugs and any other bugs regardless of severity we can patch later on instead"
But the fact remains, whenever it's released (and I'm betting this Thursday is the Season 6 launch date too - I have a feeling it'll be announvced tomorrow baring any last minute major hitches found by Cryptic QA [such as it is]); but remember, Tribble, even on a test weekend is in no way subjected to the same load as Holodeck - so even it they waited until it was 99% bug free and functional on Tribble - when they release it, it a 99.999% sure thing we'll see ogther bugs that NEVER showed up in any of the Tribble testinng.

Basically, the mentality is: get it as fully functional as you can, push it Live, pray, and be ready to quickly patch whatever problems arise once it's on the Live server under the real player load.

I have a feeling the Dev team has been pulling late nights and OT (authorized by PW) to get on the stuff reported on Tribble, and get it in the best shape they can for a Thursday launch. Remember that Brandon (our community rep) posted MAZNY tinmes the the CP -> Zen conversion would go Live along with Season 6. Cryptic waiting until the very last minute to announce Thursday an the launch date to give their QA asd much time as possible to test what they've done since tyhe Tribble test weekend.

Also, IF pre-patching had not been enabled, I'd agree that Thursdauy is just the CP --> Zen conversion - but pre-patching WAS enabled on Monday; so I really think Season 6 going to Live is immiment.
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