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Geko: (still laughing) I can guarantee you that will never happen. We will never put kamikaze fighters on the Federation side. We more likely will put something like uh...the Bioneural Warhead Drones, or something that the Klingons have before will put anything fictionally as an actual kamikaze type fighter. We don?t even really use the word ?kamikaze? in the game at all, [but] just as far as we say that they hit ramming speed and collide with enemy ships. It?s a touchy word.

Concentus: Yeah. Well, I know one of our DJs is always requesting suicide Mirandas as the Federation equivalent.

Geko: Yeah! (laughs) Yeah, not going to happen. You can keep asking, but I?m not going to listen.

Concentus: Yeah, I...I just don?t see it happening.

Geko: Now, we really have to be careful about...about, just making sure that what we do is really true to Star Trek. Especially, when we?re dealing with the Federation. You know, ?Would the Federation do this?? Like, there has been a request internally, keeps coming up for--I can?t even remember the name of the gun--but in the episode of TNG where...where Data was captured by the guy who was the collector, and he had collected this one gun that was...this devastating little hand phaser that killed you from the inside, and was the most painful way to die. ?Let?s get that gun in the game!? [Says], ?no! I?m not putting that--no way we are going to put a torture gun in the hands of the Federation!? It?s just not not...that?s wrong, that?s a wrong thing. There was even uh, there was even a joke internally that we were going to have a ship trophy that would be like a Changeling lava lamp. It was like, ?no, that?s just...just...that?s, that?s we can? funny, but I don?t think the Federation would put a sentient species on display on their mantle.? So,, we?re sensitive to those things, and every so often somebody mentions something, and we have to be true to the IP and the ideals of the Federation. Klingons on the other hand can get away with that kind of stuff, and so we get to have more fun over there.

Concentus: Yeah, it? nice to be able to work with something, I guess, that doesn?t have that much detail in officially accepted canon. You can come up with stuff and run with it.

Geko: There?s certainly, uh, a pretty, uh, distinguishable code about what the Klingons are about, but there is certainly a lot less to work out. That?s good and bad. Um...there?s so much...there?s a lot more richness on ships on the Federation side than Klingons..on the Klingon side. Every tier of know, ship, or cruiser, or escort just looks different--it?s something from the IP. On the Klingon side, it?s just another Bird of Prey. Um..and so, there was as much rich fiction to draw from. But at the same time, it allowed the artist to kind of make the Bird of Prey what ever they wanted it to look like. So,, there?s a give and take in that when doing anything with the Klingons.

Concentus: So, let?s see. Up next: ?Will the Foundry authors play a role in customizing fleet starbases?? This comes from GK aka chooch99. He says that Dstahl mentioned a big code upgrade, and is this to tie it into the Foundry--Is this to tie the starbases into the Foundry, and could authors potentially become decorators of a starbase?

Geko: Um, this was something that we had talked about a long time ago, before we ever put any code...made any code into the uh, into starbases. We had talked about: Should we let players be able customize the inside of their starbases? Either like we did with ship interiors, or preferably with, you know, with Foundry tools. We pretty much decided against that, um and the reason was is that it?s really a give and take. When we designed starship interiors, we let people choose, you know, people choose [garbled]..bridge, and they choose their interior, and you can buy different interior kits, and the problem with that is, everytime we do--

Concentus: You cut out there for a bit.

Geko: Okay. Where should I back up to?

Concentus: Um...

Geko: I can start all over.

Concentus: Yeah, that?ll make it easier to add it.

Geko: Okay, that?s fine. So, this was something we uh, we considered a long time ago, when we first designed the starbases. It was something we considered. We wanted players to be able to customize inside of their fleet starbases, and we thought we could either do it like we did with starship interiors, or ideally let people use the Foundry and just kind of customize it however they wanted. The problem with that was that, say for instance with starship interiors: It?s a lot of maintenance for the um, for the content team at Cryptic, because every time we add a new interior, we have to repopulate and rebuild, and all of the content guys have to make that work. And it?s basically, there are so many ship interiors it?s impossible--it?s not impossible--it?s extremely impractical for us to do any type of gameplay or content inside starships. Because, we can?t just do one mission, we have to do it 40 times, and that?s just unsustainable. That?s why there?s no content inside starships, which is unfortunate. We just don?t have the bandwidth to do that. So when we did starbases, we didn?t want to make that mistake again, and if we let players customize the interior of their starbases, then we would never be able to put content inside of it, and we want content to be inside of starbases. We want--there?s going to be missions. There?ll be dailies, there will be STFs, five man missions, there will be all kinds of stuff that could happen inside your starbases, and we keep adding to it. So, that was, we thought was the better decision is to allow--is to go ahead and have content and game play, because that was what people really wanted, and was missing inside starships. And so, unfortunately, by letting people to customize it with the Foundry, we lost that. Now, you will be able to--not to say you can?t decorate inside of your starbase. Those will all be--you?ll be able to unlock things inside your starbase by doing different assignments, or some of them will be limited time featured assignments, that if you want to get some particular item inside your starbase you?ll only be able to do it during certain times. Others...others not. Others at your own pace. Um, that doesn?t completely eliminate that opportunity for us to allow people to customize the inside of their starbase. At the very least a player right now, could go ahead and make a Foundry mission and say it happens inside their starbase. It?s kind of smoke and mirrors. It?s not exactly what people are looking for, but we have talked about perhaps, letting people do that, but it would be like at a different deck of their starbase. Say they wanna do Deck 34, and this is what Deck 34 looks like, and they can make it look like whatever they want. There will never be content inside there. I don?t honestly know if that will really happen. It?s something we?ve talked about, but uh, but the focus right now is delivering content for...for starbases, and that?s really more important to us right now. That?s what players--they want content, so that?s what we?re going to give them.

Concentus: On the same subject of things inside the starbases, when we went and set up the fleet on Tribble one of our players that loves using the Demo Record and the camera offset, went and off set his camera and looked underneath the floor, and found that there were things hiding underneath the floor in the starbase maps. Like the dance floor and the DJ booth on the Federation starbase, so are these unlockables or is this just a goof in placement?

Geko: It?s not a goof in placement, those are unlockables. So, you?ll be able to unlock all sorts of things, like dance floors, a bar, plants, and consoles, and um, theres all kinds of stuff, uh, in there. Like uh, some of it is just unlockable based on a project you do, and some of them are unlockables that will be featured assignments, like: ?This week only you can get Morn at your bar!? And you know, Holomorn, and so you can unlock that. So, the Klingons have got some great ones, because they?ve got this kind of lodge with a fireplace, and big stone carvings, and you know, taxidermy animal type things. So, yeah, those will be things you will be able to unlock on your starbase. Some of them are in there on Tribble. Most of them are probably not. I don?t know where they?re at on the schedule as far as how far along the artists--what?s been released out there? But, there?s tons of stuff, and we?ll probably keep adding to it.

Concentus: Okay, let?s jump to overall game questions. This one comes from Alecto, one of the moderators: Where are the freeform kits on the priority list? There?s been--has there been any further discussion or thoughts about the subject? I remember this coming up maybe two or three months ago. One of the developers was asking for input about it, and frankly I?d love a freeform kit, because I?d love to get rid of Quantum Mortar out of my Fabrication Kit.

Geko: Okay, this is something I?ve talked about a couple times. This is my pet project that I keep pushing for. The idea is that right now, kits have a set number of abilities built into them. So yes, I would give up my Quantum Mortar kit for a Quick Fix or a Fuse Armor, or whatever else I want to put in there. But, you can?t put those two together, so, what I want to do is, we?ll do a fix up script and we?ll break--if you have a kit, like a turret kit that?s got four powers in it. Maybe, you?ve got a shield generator, the quantum...the seeker drone, and a uh...phaser turret kit, you?ll get four kits all of a sudden! You?ll have--now, you?ll have four slots, or, you?ll actually have one slot per rank, so you?ll actually have a fifth slot if you?re an Admiral. Um, and then you can kind of mix and match however you want. of the advantages of this is that really, we?ve never given away a kit as a featured reward, or we?ve never sold one on the C-Store, you?ve never seen one inside an episode, because nobody wants to give up the style of game [play] that they have and change all their powers because we added one new interesting new power. And that means we?d have to make all kinds of kits to give away as featured rewards, and that?s just not sustainable. So, this will allow us to be able to introduce something really interesting. One little special power, ?okay, I only have to give up one of my kit powers for this.? And when we do this, I?ll probably turn things like the Devidian staff, and the uh, Orb of Possibilities and any of those really weird powers--items--that are currently devices; we?ll turn them probably into kits, which will have that fifth slot, now, to put them into. So, when is that coming? My finger?s crossed is Season 7. Um, I can?t promise that, Season 7 schedule is not hammer--I mean, we know what we want to do for Season 7, but we haven?t hammered out the schedule enough. We can find room for it, then I?d love to put it in there. I?d love putting it in there, because I think it?s going to be a great feature. I think players are going to like it, but also I think it?s good for business, because it allows us to monetize it. We can sell little kit pieces for $5 or stuff like that. You can buy this kit power, and we can start making really good rewards out of them. We can start expanding what kind of rewards we give away. We?re always giving the same thing: You get a shield, a space gun, you get a ground gun, you get armor. Now, this gives us another dynamic, another dimension to give away in rewards. So--

Concentus: You were saying that and I was already thinking: You know, it would be really cool if they did a rerun of the Dominion series and gave away a kit that let you do cloaked subspace mines.

Geko: We, uh, we really talked about that. For the same reasons I gave a little while ago, completely rejected the idea of giving away subspace mines. I think that weapons of war crime would not be something [fitting of] the Federation. (laughs)

Concentus: (laughs)

Geko: Um, that was really..when we were doing the Dominion series, we watched the Siege of AR-115 if I remember the name of the starba--that planet correctly. And uh..they talked about how...what a horrible thing it was! You know, what a horrible crime! And this was also, during the time when there were a lot of mines were being cleared up in one of the countries, because of I want to say the Afghan war or something. I can?t remember. It?s a uh nasty, nasty thing. So, I don?t think it?s very Federation, and I don?t think, unfortunately, as fun as game play as it sounds and I?d like to have it in there, I don?t think we would see the Federation using Subspace Mines. But uh, but that?s--but your point?s still valid and that?s the general idea: Yeah, we can start making new rewards like that. That would be, uh...that could be just be these one-offs. Then, we could just make like three: One science, one tactical one engineering, or just make it one like the Devidian staff that everybody could use it. Gives us a lot of flexibility.

Concentus: Mhmm. Definitely. And let?s see...what else do we have that could go along with that? Scroll through my list. Actually, it would be interesting to have a Borg reward, and related to that: What?s the status on getting more Borg parts such as arms for Liberated Borg players? I know some players have been asking for that for a while. I?m one of them. I?d love to be able to have just a Borgified left arm to go with face implants.

Geko: Sure, well, I?m not going to pretend to answer the question. That?s really more of an art question, so, I really don?t have a good answer for that person. I?m sorry. That?s uh, that?s something outside of my scope. So, the artists, the uh producers manage the artists? schedule, and they determine what goes into costume bits. So, I really don?t know, I?m sorry.

Concentus: Ah. I remember when the Borg...the Borg ?arms? quote un-quote, from the Defera launched, I saw that someone linked it and I was like, ?Oh my God, I gotta get one of those!? And it is a cool looking gun, but it?s not what I was expecting (talking over each other). Hm?

Geko: The Borg arm gun?

Concentus: Yeah, the engineering, the tactical, and the science one.

Geko: Yeah.

Concentus: They?re fun to use though.

Geko: It wasn?t what you expected in so far as what?

Concentus: Well, I saw that name and I?m like, ?It?s going to be a Borg implant that?s gonna replace your arm!?

Geko: Oh okay! (laughs) Yeah, I could see that being fun. No, sorry that?s...we just kind of turned it into a gun. So.

Concentus: It makes more sense.

Geko: Yeah. Yeah, I don?t think a lot of people would be lining up (laughs) to put one of those on. That would be kind of weird swapping out between that and the pistol, so uh.

Concentus: Congratulations! You just killed the Mega Gorn, now chop off your arm so you can use this.

Geko: Exactly. (laughs) I could see that. That would be great if we added say a Borg faction. Right? That would be would be very interesting. That was something we talked when we first made the game. What other factions could we make in the game? Obviously Klingon was the first one, and then, you know, we?d want to do Romulan was the next big one. And then, I thought, ?well, the next big ones after that would [have to be] a Dominion faction, or a Borg faction.? Um, and if we did a Borg faction, we would make it more like Hugh. A liberated Borg. Kind of like you have the sentient undead in WoW. They?re not just mindless zombies, they?re sentient. So, we?d have this more sentient, um, liberated Borg faction if we ever did that. And that would be great. You could swap your arms out, and have all these different devices.

Concentus: I would switch from Federation to that in a heartbeat.
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