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04-18-2009, 08:09 AM
I thought the video was fine, given what is available for PR, and the new Star Trek movie Tie in was also good, because we are talking about Star Trek.

Given that the game is months away, there is certainly no need to go over the top on a filler video for an audio interview -- that is really just for Introductory PR. Had this been a video just a few weeks before release, then I would expect much more. 6+ months away, minimal video footage, and minimal mechanical information - I don't expect much at all.

As someone that has been following the game, but is not a Trekkie, I enjoyed the video.

Originally Posted by DeepSky579
When that ship approaches the starbase....and then suddenly you catch this blue streak whiz by...oh it's another ship that just warped in.
Yes, I liked the warp in and Warp out effects in the videos. I am hoping that Cryptic incorporates that into the 'log-in/out' system as well (instead of just fading in/out).