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A few questions:

I am an engineer in a Vo'Quv. I'm using six beam arrays (Disruptor). My current BOFF layout is as follows:

Lt. Comm. Tac: Beam FAW I, Beam Overload II, Target Subsystems Shields III

Lt. Comm Eng: EPS I, EPW II, Reverse Shield Polarity II

Lt. Sci: Science Team I, Polarize Hull II

Comm. Sci: Transfer Shield Strength I, Hazard Emitters II, Grav Well I, Viral Matrix III

My plan was to use Target Subsystem Shields III to knock out the enemy shields and then have my fighters attack the now dead shield facing with torpedoes. I added the Grav Well and Viral matrix because I thought they would be helpful with this. Are there more useful abilities to help with this?

Also, I'm noticing I'm doing really well on shields, but when my shields are down, the next hit after always leaves me at 45-50% hull remaining. What am I doing wrong that's causing that to happen? I'm supposed to have close to 40k hull.

Overall, which of my abilities needs to me replaced, and with what?
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