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thanks for the transcript! that must have taken a wile to type. with holds and balance problems and stuff, its fine and balanced when you encounter 1 of these things at a time, but when you have a pet armada drowning you in debuffs its impossible to deal with. a whole team and a bunch of pets chrono procing you the whole match is terrible. 1 guy firing a chrono spread? manageable. its the volume thats the problem

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Yes, CBS said no T5 connie; we get it. The question is, why arent the Excalibur/Vesper/Exeter in the fleet store since those ships *arent* connies?
its because those ships should not exist, starfleet would not have built them. they exist because at launch so every ship had multiple costumes, they have kind of shied away from that though.

the connie is tiny by late 24th/early 25th century standards. when starfleet builds new ships that small, they arent built with that traditional look. the saber actually has a higher volume then a connie does. new smaller ships look like that, basically a brick. only the much larger ships retain the classic design language.

so, the Excalibur/Vesper/Exeter wouldn't and shouldn't actually exist. something that scrawny and wiry would get dismembered if the neck and pylon sections were hit with how much more powerful weapons are then they were in the connies prime. much thicker brick shaped ships, and huge ships are thick enough that their narrow parts arent necessarily more vulnerable then any other part of the ship.

bops were built to be glass cannons, but the connie is a general purpose cruiser, durability is supposed to be a strong suit for a ship like that. with the power of modern weapons, its design is not sturdy, its a liability so it isn't viable any longer. mirandas certainly weren't. a connie would have fared no better in the dominion war then all those mirandas, its just as much of a coffin.
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