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Originally Posted by th3gr4ndnagu5 View Post
Thank you for sharing that opinion. However the actual facts are: A) those ships are in game, and B) they arent connies. Therefore the fact that CBS will not allow a T5 connie has absolutely nothing to do with those ships being in the fleet store like their other T2 counterparts.
its actually less of an opinion and more of a precedent that was set. other wise the saber would look like the excalibur. those ships have nothing to do with the connie? really? they only exist as a costume gimmick for the connie. same goes for all the cryptic designs that complement canon designs. they will never release a retrofit tier 2 cruiser minus the connie skin. they are all invalid because they all have to do with the connie. thats what i figure cbs thinks, or there would have been a tier 5 Excalibur among the fleet ships right now.
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