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07-10-2012, 09:24 PM
Originally Posted by kalani2 View Post
These special projects arn't meant for fleet progression their meant for getting fleet currency for all the players in a larger fleet. If you had a fleet of even 100 active people there's no way they all could contribute to the main assignments and the fleet base would be worthless to anyone who didn't get to contribute but with these special projects a lot more people in the larger fleet will get the opportunity to contribute.
But fleet marks are probably the hardest items used for starbases to come by. I know many people (including myself) that will not contribute Fleet Marks to something that does nothing for the fleet. So if people don't donate Fleet Marks the projects will never continue thereby making them worthless for getting people fleet credits. I like the idea, but if there is no reward other than credits for the donators I'd suggest replacing fleet credits with maybe another doff type or Commodity and/or increase the other rewards.