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07-10-2012, 10:11 PM
It wasn't the worst nor the weird neither. But I think it needs telling you.
KAGE. 3 people said Hi. 2 said nothing. After the secong mob, I realized one of them don't communicate in chat room. And he dies always. I mean when we are fighting ridiculous borg, he's the only one to die. We go to the first room. He stayed in the back and we 4 we fought we the mob. The second room. He came in and died. We deal with the mob without he. Step by step it was the same. He dies and we do the job. Finally we went to the last big room wth those 6 shield. We make clean the place. For B3, he died. For A3, B2,A2. At A2, I helped him to revive. While I helped he, Some borgs shoot me and I died when he revive and he let me there. He escaped to B1 and die to B1. I respawn and I said. Don't you know teamwork? Teammate helped you so you should help teammate. He answered me that he needs accolade. I said It's not a reason. He went into the tunnel and die. And he respawn... At the begining of the map. He asked us to help him to come to the last room. Someone said "No! Lets go!". Nobody said something. We kill the boss and his friends. We got our goodies and we let the guy trying to go to the room. I think he didn't get accolade nor goodies neither.