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07-10-2012, 11:09 PM
Can I say...

I would like to see BOs in STFs.

I agree that they're all dressed up and have nowhere to go.

My feeling is that the pathing wouldn't generally work to have them in regular parts of Khitomer Accord or Infected.

They'd work fine in The Cure.

For KA and Infected, I think you'd need to restrict them to certain rooms. Treat them as summonable, stationary turrets in the Rebecca Simmons fight. Or heck, maybe make them the ones we're saving from assimilation at some point. You wouldn't use their gear directly but maybe the quality of their gear could determine how long the timer is that we can still save them from assimilation.

Even if they just showed up as hostages or questgivers, I think it would add a lot.